Frequently asked Questions
What is stripe and why should i use it?
Stripe is a payment processor in which buyers can pay by card, apple pay etc. Stripe provides excellent benefits such as advanced chargeback protection, fast support, payments sent seamlessly to your bank account + much more!
How do i increase my advertisement sales?
This is based on multiple factors including, price, server members, server niche, etc. For tips on how to increase your sales, join our Discord server here. and headover too #tips text-channel.
How do i cancel my subscription?
For information about how to cancel your premium account subscription visit here.
How does the payment system work?
Payment gets sent directly to you, we have no cashout / payout wait times.
How do I add my server?
Create an account and head over to My Servers and simply follow the instructions to link your server.
My server doesn’t have many members in it, am I still able to sign up?
Yes! There are no requirements for the amount of server members.
My server has been listed for some time and I haven’t received any orders yet?
If you are experiencing lack of orders, try looking at servers with similar number of members as yours and see what prices they have set. Try lowering your price and updating your server’s description to make it more enticing to advertisers! Supply and demand
What is the difference between enabling and disabling pings?
Enabling pings on your server allow advertisers to @everyone / @here in their advertisements. Alerting everyone on your server about the message being sent. Disabling this feature may make you lose out on potential advertisers looking to take advantage of this feature.