Terms and Conditions of Use.
Last revision: 07/08/2019

  1. By using our services, you automatically agree to them, please ensure you read and understand this carefully. Since our services are so diverse, additional terms will be mentioned by various “checkpoints” throughout the Platforms you as the end user, must abide by these terms and services. Be sure to keep them in mind when Accessing this service, we acknowledge, you understand and agree to the following terms and conditions as stated in this Terms of Service (Also Known as a 'User Agreement'), along with the terms and conditions stated in our Privacy Policy.

    Using this online platform, you give Promos.gg Services exclusive rights to your private information such as Email, and identity. These Private Information is not owned or distributed by Promos.gg Services and cannot be accessed by 3rd party services. Certain areas of this Platforms are restricted from being access by you and Promos.gg Services may further restrict access by you to any areas of this Platforms, at any time, in absolute discretion. Any user ID and password you may have for this Platforms are confidential and you must be held confidential as well. Promos.gg Services owns all content provided, and cannot be used without obtaining rights, via payments or agreements of uses.

    Promos.gg Services will not be held responsible for any losses, Injury to personal or client owned property, therefore it includes but not limited to, Loss or Profit, damages to equipment. Promos.gg Services will furthermore not be responsible for any loss of information such as data etc. Or corrupt data. Promos.gg Services operates in good faith, therefore will provide you with the utmost support regarding your order. Any other acts via personal or from you, the customer, cannot and will not be blamed on Promos.gg Services.
  2. Promos.gg is no way or shape affiliated with Discord Inc. Promos.gg is an independent owned limited liability company register within Australia, Victoria Melbourne.

    1. Promos.gg is no way or shape affiliated with the discord servers on our platform we only serve as the central dashboard/lobby for discord servers and platform for advertisers and advertising.

    2. Promos.gg provides a digital service where discord server owners can register their servers on the platform and earn a passive income whereby potential advertisers send the request for specific servers, to advertise on.

    3. Promos.gg is in no way or shape responsible for these server owners and their actions.
  3. Your account registration is your responsibility, Promos.gg will not be responsible for your actions made or not made with your account, when registering an account with Promos.gg you as the user will be bound by this terms and conditions of use, and abide by this.

    1. You are responsible for maintaining the security of your account and password. The Company cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage from your failure to comply with this security obligation.

    2. You are responsible for all content posted and activity that occurs under your account (even when content is posted by others who have their own logins under your account).

    3. You must provide your legal full name, a valid email address, and any other information requested to complete the signup process.

    4. We reserve the right to terminate or suspend your account at any given time with or without warning and reason.

    5. When registering it should be made clear if you will be advertising or become and advertising entity.
  4. Refund policy includes that Promos.gg will utilize but not limit itself by using Paypal as its official payment gate portal allowing easy and regular invoices, taxes, and payment solutions Promos.gg Services holds the right and responsibility to deny service to any customer; client, guest, user and or potential client. Promos.gg Services does not offer refunds, although refunds will be offered in the event of the following; and is limited ONLY to the

      1. Promos.gg could not reach an agreement with the customer.

      2. Promos.gg did not accept the product, but payment was sent.

      3. Promos.gg did not commence the advertisement.

    Refunds will not be provided back in monetary terms but will be provided by credit on the platform. In the event there is a dispute opened in the form of chargebacks either by the payment gateway or your financial institution adequate information will be provided to fight the disputes and fraudulent case will be opened at the local fraud division at your financial institution.
  5. Promos.gg Services reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify or replace any part of this Agreement. It is your responsibility to check this Agreement periodically for changes. Your continued use of or access to the Site following the posting of any changes to this Agreement constitutes acceptance of those changes. Such new features and/or services shall be subject to the terms & conditions. We are constantly changing and improving our Services. We may add or remove functionalities or features, and we may suspend or stop a Service altogether. You can stop using our Services at any time, although we’ll be sorry to see you go. we may also stop providing Services to you or add or create new limits to our services. We may modify these terms or any additional terms that apply to a Service to, for example, reflect changes to the law or changes to our Services. You should look at the terms regularly to ensure that you are up to date.
  6. General information.
    Promos.gg, is an online platform where users can advertise their discord servers in order to generate a passive income, whereby advertisers will send out advertisements to discords without one click portal; the server owners will be responsible to follow the advertiser’s requests, timeframe and rules in full, in order to be paid.

    Promos.gg make no direct promise for advertisers that server owners will fulfil the request however, Promos.gg will insure, that that the requests are adequately sent, in the event a dispute develops, PayPal’s buyer protection will come into effect.

    Promos.gg take no responsibility for any chargebacks that pursue through using our service, you are responsibility for all payments you receive through our service.

    Promos.gg will not allow advertisers to share any advertisements which is hateful, unlawful and or general against public policy.

    Advertisers may not directly contact server owners from our platform outside our bounds, whereby we can’t regulate the circumstances. In the event the Advertisers do break this, Promos.gg cannot be held liable for the consequences that develops from it.

    Promos.gg will not be responsible nor guarantee that, your advertisement will be successful, as such once you pay for the services to be provided, we will ensure it gets sent to the proper channels. However, we cannot guarantee joiners nor your services being successful.

    Charging back any payments sent via Promos.gg will result in permanent removal from all services associated with Promos.gg.

    You cannot remove or modify any messages sent through our service, any messages that are deleted will be deducted from your balance resulting in loss of funds.

    Payments are sent to the value of US Currency.

    Promos.gg reserves the right to charge fees with each transaction made through our services.
  7. Contact information.
    In the event all questions arise from all our policies by Law we are obligated to open a line of communication directory to not only consumers and clients but visitors, guests and or viewers of these here policies.

    [email protected]